How to Play
To collect points by making as many valid words as you can
Akshar = 1-5 points. Each Aadha Akshar and Matra = 2 points. Blank Tile = 0 points
  • 1. Choose a Game Level

    Easy - Unlimited Aadhe Akshar, Matras and Time
    Medium - Unlimited Aadhe Akshar and Matras, with a 5-Minute Timer
    My Game - Number of Aadhe Akshar and Matras, and Time, as determined by you
    Takhtkhel™ Chunauti Abhyas - Unlimited Aadhe Akshar and Matras, with a 3-Minute Timer

  • 2. Akshar, Aadhe Akshar and Matras

    Use all Aadhe Akshar and Matras by clicking on the relevant tile at the top right
    You can click on a Blank tile to use any Akshar, Aadha Akshar or Matra
    Make words with the given Akshar, Aadhe Akshar and Matra tiles

    TIP : Practice making words in the Easy Level before playing other levels

  • 3. Making Words

    The first Akshar of the first word in a game must be placed as indicated
    To make words, drag and drop Akshars next to each other, left to right, or top to bottom
    You can drag and drop Aadhe Akshar and/or Matras on the Akshars
    Matras can only be added to Akshars and Aadhe Akshar

    For Easy Level and Takhtkhel™ Chunauti Practice (Classes 3-5)

    • Make valid words anywhere on the Board
    • Words can also be interconnected, but must be valid words after connecting

    In Levels other than the Easy Level and Takhtkhel™ Chunauti Practice (Classes 3-5), all words must be interconnected to get points

  • 4. Correcting Errors

    Right Click on a tile to correct or change invalid words
    - "Undo Move" returns to the last used tile
    - "Clear Tile" removes the tile
    Right Click anywhere on the board to "Reset Board" and clear all the tiles
    TIP : Tiles already on the board can be moved anywhere on the board

  • 5. Check Your Score

    Click on Submit/Check Score to see your valid and invalid words, and your game score
    Only words available in our database are considered valid and will get points
    Tile points will be counted twice if used in 2 interconnected valid words

    20 Bonus Points will be awarded if:

    • all 16 given tiles are used to make valid words
    • all valid words are interconnected except in the Easy Level and Takhtkhel™ Chunauti Practice for Classes 3-5

    Your scores in all levels are available in "Score Progress" on your Account page

How to Play
Takhtkhel™ Chunauti
To measure your growing Hindi skills
Making as many valid words and collecting as many points as you can, in the given 3 minutes
The first 5 winners in each Class will be awarded cerificates each week
  • 1. Log in | Registration

    Log in 5 minutes before the scheduled Takhtkhel™ Chunauti Time
    (You need to be registered. Click Here to Register) Those already registered, need not register again

  • 2. Log in and open Chunauti game screen

    Once logged in, click on the shabdkoshish Takhtkhel™ Chunauti icon at the bottom of the dashboard to open Chunauti Game Screen
    (The game screen will open if you are logged in. Otherwise the Log in/Register page will open)

  • 3. Takhtkhel™ Chunauti game time - 3 minutes

    The timer on the Chunauti game screen will show how much time is left before the Chunauti starts
    Exactly one minute before the Chunauti game is scheduled to begin, a bell will sound, followed by a countdown of short beeps
    The Takhtkhel™ Chunauti will start with a long beep and letter tiles will appear on the screen

  • 4. Playing the Chunauti

    Players will have only 3 minutes to drag, drop and arrange tiles
    Make as many valid Hindi words as you can with the 16 given tiles

    For Takhtkhel™ Chunauti (Classes 3 to 5) words can be made anywhere on the board and need not be interconnected
    Words can be made left to right and/or top to bottom

    For Takhtkhel™ Chunauti (Classes 6 to 12) all words must be interconnected
    Each tile displays a score. When you make a valid word these scores are added to give you your points
    Blank tiles have no points

    TIP: To improve your score, use more Matras and Aadhe Akshar, and practice Takhtkhel™ Chunauti Abhyas in TakhtKhel.

How to Play
To learn primary Hindi through letter recognition & word formation with pronunciation assist and testing
6 lessons with 25 Kriyas and 5 tests
  • 1. Introduction

    Step-by-step learning based on contemporary playway methods that build upon a child’s ability to speak simple words before teaching anything new or unknown

    Lesson 1 - Easy letters and words
    Lesson 2 - Easy matras and words
    Lesson 3 - Easy and medium words
    Lesson 4 - Words with all the letters and matras
    Lesson 5 - All words
    Lesson 6 - Additional foundational learning
    Kriyas and Tests in each lesson
    Listen - Speak
    Listen - See - Speak
    Listen - Read - Speak - Write
    Test - Listen - Write

  • 2. Log in and open Agyashani® game screen

    Once logged in, click on the Agyashani® icon at the bottom of the dashboard to open the game screen

    Agyashani® for desktop & laptop / Agyashani® Lite for mobile & tablet

  • 3. Follow instructions

    Simple instructions in Hindi and English are given with each exercise

  • 4. Playing the Manchaha Level

    Drag, drop and arrange available tiles on the Varnamala board

    Make as many valid Hindi words as you can with the given tiles to collect points.

    HINT : Use more Matras and Aadhe Akshar to increase score