Highly engaging playway content builds students’ interest in Hindi

"Helps teachers to engage students"

Just 15 minutes of Fun homework daily

Tri-weekly testing through word-game competitions

Individual logins & accounts for each student & teacher

Online groups for each class section

Monthly progress reports for each student

Weekly ranking and leaderboards for each class


Register your School in 3 simple steps:
Step 1 - Choose your Annual Plan and activate a 45- or 60-day free trial with full access for Classes 3-8 in your School
Step 2 - Register School and Coordinator
Step 3 - Submit Class, Section & Teacher details
...and you are done! Your Coordinator will receive a special Link to send to Students and Teachers so they can register directly into your online School.

IMPORTANT - Since your free trial starts the day you register your school, before you register please have ready the email list of Students who will enroll. This will enable you to send them a special Link as soon as you Register so they can enroll immediately and enjoy full access for the entire trial period;
and the Plan fee can be collected and paid before the trial ends.

If you have appointed your Coordinator and have your Student list ready, choose a plan and register your School now.
HSE A+ for Schools Plan #S1:
  • 121 to 500 students
  • Rs.480/- per student
  • 50% discount on the full price of Rs.1200/-
  • Additional 20% Early Bird discount
  • Free 45-day trial with full access for your students
HSE A+ for Schools Plan #S2:
  • 501 students and above
  • Rs.420/- per student
  • 50% discount on the full price of Rs.1200/-
  • Additional Early Bird 30% discount
  • Free 60-day trial with full access for your students
No charges payable until the day before your free trial ends. Coordinator and Teachers register for free. All fees are inclusive of all taxes.
both plans include
    • Customised Online School Architecture

      Groups for each Class Section

    • Individual Accounts

      For all Students, Teachers and Coordinator

    • Weekly Reports - usage data, progress, etc.

      For the entire School

    • Section, Class and School Leaderboards

      For the entire School

    • Takhtkhel™ Chunauti and other Resource Scheduling

      Full Access to Teachers

    • Teacher Access to progress reports

      Their students and classes

    • Coordinator Access

      Full Access to ALL data

    • Access to Inter-School and Intra-School Competitions

      Full Access

    • Curriculum Pahelis

      5 a day

    • Curriculum-oriented Interactive Learning

      5 a day

    • Takhtkhel™ - 4 levels

      Unlimited Access

    • Takhtkhel™ Chunauti

      24 hourly every day

    • Weekly Rank & Certificates

      Full Access

    • Weekly Leaderboard

      Full Access

    • How-To-Videos

      Full Access

    • Agyashani® - Primary Hindi learning(3-5)

      Full Access

    • Daily Task Plan - Aaj ka karya

      Full Access

    • Monthly Essay Topics

      Full Access

    • "Mera Khata, Meri Kaksha"| & Class/School Leaderboards"

      Full Access

    • Monthly Progress and Feedback

      Full Access

    • Weekly Reports

      Full Access

Accessible on Computers, Tablets and Smartphones
  • 01
    Interactive Learning
    Interactive Learning

    15,000 interactive puzzles and smart games, customized for the curricula of classes 3 to 8.

  • 02
    Playway Primary Language Learning
    Playway Primary Language Learning

    Agyashani®, an easy, step-by-step, Primary Hindi playway learning and testing system, with pronunciation assist.

  • 03
    Board-style word game
    Board-style word game

    TakhtKhel™, A fun word game using a group of 16 individual letters, and all matras and half-letters - over 2 trillion unique combinations to play with!

  • 04
    Class word-game competitions
    Class word-game competitions

    Takhtkhel™ Chunauti, the first-ever scheduled, time-limited, multi-player, online system to test Hindi skills.

  • Special access for Teachers & School Coordinators
    • Customised Online School Architecture - for your whole school, with your Class Timing, Weekly Schedule and special Groups for each Class Section
    • Premium Individual Advantage+ Accounts - every Student, Teacher and School Coordinator receives Full access to all the Resources and Facilities on the Hindi SoEasy™ portal
    • Special access for Teachers - schedule unlimited Takhtkhel™ Chunautis, directly access Student accounts and Progress reports, for each Class and each student they Teach
    • Special access for School Coordinator - access data and accounts of all Users
    • Section, Class and School Leaderboards - for the whole school
    • Inter and Intra-School Competitions - schools will have access to all such competitions, as announced from time to time
    • Special Discounted Subscription Fees for Schools - please email us at - info@hindisoeasy.com

All the Games, Competitions, Interactive Puzzles, Learning Management Systems, Leaderboards, Ranking, etc. offered on the Hindi SoEasy™ portal, are powered by shabdkoshish® technologies, especially crafted for Education, Engagement and Gaming in Indian languages. Backed by a spell check database of 2.25 lakh Hindi words.